Program concept

"Ideas should compete and
people should cooperate!"
Ashot Seferyan

In previous years the strongest used to eat the weakest. Now the most fastest wins it all. The world is changing faster than executives arrange a strategic session or we make a program redesign in business schools. Future will bring more changes. All this is reflected in Executive MBA Program.


Структура программы Executive MBA
Функции бизнеса


Any company is a complex of difficult processes, which are effective only if all functions are properly performed. Results also depend on functions performance.

Carefully selected module disciplines help students to get full and global view about company development. 


  • Financial management
  • Marketing communications
  • Manager in the global economy
  • HR strategy: productivity ladder
  • Evolution of organizations in indeterminacy conditions
  • Marketing strategy in practice
Структура программы Executive MBA
Функции бизнеса


The world is changing in fundamental way and at an ever-increasing pace. Any system can exist only if it can adopt do global changes. Changes lead us to problems and problems should be solved. Companies have its lifecycle. At each stage of development, company is faced with set of tasks and only competent solution can engine to growth and success and move company to a new stage.


  • Company life cycle
Структура программы Executive MBA
Функции бизнеса


Successful and effective executives use their life experience but it is important to work out new methods to use it. Carefully selected module disciplines help to develop practical effective management skills and get inspiration to new strategic solutions. 


  • Achieving extraordinary results
  • Strategic leadership
  • Strategy management
  • Strategic company transformation
  • Six pillars of strategy
  • Strategic vision and intuition in management
  • Future thinking
Структура программы Executive MBA
Функции бизнеса


Today all companies use effective methods of communication. At all stages of company development it is important to create and maintain partner relations between colleagues. Which methods are more effective? Which techniques should be used?

These modules give answers to many questions and helps to develop communicative skills important for goal achievement.


  • Result-oriented business presentations
  • Efficient communication skils for a business leader
  • Negotiations
Структура программы Executive MBA
Функции бизнеса


Business proceses management is a modern managerial method. This module helps to create models of business processes as it is. After that we can look critically at the model and make it to be. This method will help you to make changes up to a plan and inside the process. 


  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Legal risks for business
  • Operation management
Структура программы Executive MBA
Функции бизнеса


International module helps students to look globally to strategic management and leadership, get experience of different cultures, look at historical and cultural code which determined social and economic achievement of different countries.

What are competitive advantages of other countries and what internal and external factors contributed its development?

How to teach leaders in the digital economy, what challenges they will face, what changes open up new opportunities for them and how to defeat difficulties?

During international module you will get answers to this questions and learn more about globalization and complex decision-making.


Структура программы Executive MBA
Функции бизнеса


Metaheuristic theory that states, “Your lifestyle depends on how much money you earn” is very popular in our consumer society. However, nowadays people realize that at the end of pursuit of luxury cars, luxury homes and fashionable clothes they will feel empty. This is exactly that void they tried to fill with luxury things and financial success.

In our difficult time when values are substituted or even, do not exist it is important not to lose yourself and find your own way to your success. It is a difficult way through various taboo and stereotypes from our government and society.


  • Personal brand
  • Business & Art
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Efficient brains and decision making
  • Modernization in the modern world system
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Learning Process

The duration of the Executive MBA program is 21 months, students attend 18 domestic modules and one international module. Classes are held once in a month from Friday to Sunday, from 09:00 till 17:45

The program is taught in Russian, but in case of demand from global companies and organizations we could provide it in English.  

By the end of program students are awarded an RANEPA Executive MBA diploma and an International business school certificate.

Executive MBA program will help you to reinvent your creative potential and will teach you to take extraordinary decisions. Program combines lectures and seminars with managing trainings, network simulations, workshops with business leaders, case studies and other activities.

Education process ends with Master’s thesis.

month Duration
days every month – weekend format

International module

International educational module is a compulsory part of Executive MBA program. We run them annually (sometimes twice a year) in one of the leading business schools in the world. While choosing the school we always look at the global trends and talk to the well-known experts with an idea to find most relevant and interesting topics. Famous professors along with the experienced consultants and experts teaching at the Modules.

2020-21 – International module will be delivered in London Business School


October 29


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